joyn machine - work in progress

Joyn Machine is a collaborative project based on a concept by studio milz. Its purpose is to develop an innovative web-augmented machine for the production of custom wood constructions with milled joints. An easy-to-use all-in-one machine, a standardized joinery system, an app-based interface, and an online platform for the exchange and evaluation of designs are combined to create a new kind of tool. Established woodworking methods, including industrial-scale processes, are refined and brought together in an intelligent system that is flexible and user-friendly. Using a logically interlinked system of tools and materials, digital designs can be turned into components that are then assembled into objects and structures.

The project is being developed in cooperation of three partners: research-platform BauKunstErfinden of Universität Kassel, FELD studio and BZT Maschinenbau GmbH. The originators behind the idea of Joyn Machine, Andreas Picker and Simon Deeg, are in charge of the project and are employed by the university while it is running.

JOYN MACHINE - work in progress

Joyn Machine connects woodworking to the developing field of rapid manufacturing. This type of computer-aided fabrication (rapid prototyping, 3D printing) has brought about technological and qualitative shifts in the relationship between construction and production, giving rise to new applications (such as mass customization) as well as new user groups (DIY, maker movement). In view of these developments in other areas, our project aims to facilitate a method of construction that is new in the field of woodworking. Users can build their own creations on the machine with the help of a design tool, or they can use pre-programmed instructions from the website. As in other forms of rapid manufacturing, the interplay of hardware and design process, in combination with online resources, generates a multitude of unique new ideas and products that can be shared and traded on the web. Joyn Machine meets the DIY market’s growing demand for inexpensive, user-friendly machines for computer-aided construction and building, putting industrial production methods within reach of the ambitious individual craftsperson. But it also seeks to expand the options available to professional users by enabling them to relocate production on any scale, from mass to small-batch to one-off. In terms of complexity, flexibility, and precision, Joyn Machine’s process logic and compact design also allow it to be used outside the shop – for example, at construction sites.

JOYN MACHINE - work in progress
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